Waterproof Dual USB Power Bank

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Waterproof Dual USB Power Bank
Waterproof Dual USB Power Bank

Don't you hate it when your phone battery is low? And you don't have a charger nearby? We all do! 

And that's why this extremely convenient power bank is a MUST-Have for everyone...

With a battery capacity of 100000mAh, and with two built-in USB Ports, you and a friend can both charge your phones at the same time (WITHOUT Needing an outlet!). But that's not what makes this charger amazing.. 

The power bank is also able to recharge itself with its solar panel! Although you can charge it with the included USB Cable, why do that when you can simply lay it under the sun and get the same result? Amazing! 

And to top it off, this battery is also splash-proof and features an LED emergency flashlight! 

Now, instead of worrying about your phone dying on you, simply carry this around with you! Besides, it's portable and compact size makes it carrying it super easy. 


 ✔ Charge your phone anywhere you go without needing to search for an outlet. 

 ✔ 2 Built-In USB Ports to charge 2 phones 

 ✔ Solar panel allows the power bank to charge on its own under the sun. 

 ✔ Made of Splash-Proof ABD Plastic and silicone

 ✔ Compact design for easy carry and travel. 

 ✔ LED Flashlight, ideal for emergencies 

Save your phone or somebody else's from dying!

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