Veggie Strip™️

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Veggie Strip™️
Veggie Strip™️
Veggie Strip™️
Veggie Strip™️
Veggie Strip™️
Veggie Strip™️

Conveniently Cut Your Greens In Half The Time with No Hassle. 

No more wasting time after work trying to strip kale with your bare hands.

With the Veggie Strip,  you can cut your veggies and strip them down to perfection in seconds. 

It's Designed with curved edges that help you strip your greens and chop them up at the same time. Saving you a great deal of time preparing and extra dishes to wash out.

Just simply insert through the hole that's the best fit for the herb, pull it through, and voila!

Herbs stripped to perfection in seconds.

Works with greens such as Kale, Chard, Rosemary, Thyme, and so much more. The Veggie Strip cuts even the toughest of greens with no difficulty.

Use it to make great garnishes for your meals, chopped herbs for your salad, or even kale chips. 


Simple To Use- In just two easy steps you'll be able to cut your herbs in just a fraction of the time. Just insert and pull through the appropriate hole and have fresh cut herbs in a matter of seconds. 

Saves Time & Energy- Picking your greens and cut the stems one by one, without having to use a knife. Easily saving you an extra 30 minutes in the kitchen.

Super Sharp- Sharp enough to cut down and strip all of your greens with ease yet safe enough so you won't cut your fingers. 

Multi-Use- Cut fresh Kale, Chard Rosemary, or Thyme. 

Easy To Clean & Store- Top rack and dishwasher friendly. Making it easier and much simpler for you to rinse off and use over and over again.

Our Sherpa

Our Premium Sherpa is a high-performance fabric that is luxuriously warm, soft, and lightweight.

With a curly, slightly nubby texture and subtly flecked appearance, it has a plush sweater-knit backing.

Comparable in softness and insulating properties to natural fur, it has a high warmth-to-weight ratio. It wicks moisture from the body—making it warm even in the dampest conditions.

Washing Instructions: 

Machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry.