Painless Pet Clipper™

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Painless Pet Clipper™
Painless Pet Clipper™
Painless Pet Clipper™
Painless Pet Clipper™

Make Nail Grinding Less Painful And More Enjoyable For Your Pet

Finally, a much faster and efficient way to keep your pets' nails looking smoother and well shaped without potentially harming them.

Low noise vibrations that doesn't scare or startle your pets. Making the process much more faster without them being uncomfortable

A detachable grinding stone that can be easily pulled apart and cleaned so it can remain effective for as long as you wish.

Comes with three pet size openings that will adjust and fit the size of your pets nail size.


Saves time - No more forcing your pets to stay still while you trim their nails. With the low noise vibration, the quiet motor is built to not disrupt or take your pets by surprise. Making the process much more easier.

Affordable - Bring the professional with you in your pocket everywhere you go for just a few pennies. So you never have to pay a professional an outrages amount of money ever again

Energy efficient - Does twice the work and less effort than most nail trimmers on the market. Can be charged via USB and in a short period of time you will be able to trim down your pets nail with ease and sound precision

Our Sherpa

Our Premium Sherpa is a high-performance fabric that is luxuriously warm, soft, and lightweight.

With a curly, slightly nubby texture and subtly flecked appearance, it has a plush sweater-knit backing.

Comparable in softness and insulating properties to natural fur, it has a high warmth-to-weight ratio. It wicks moisture from the body—making it warm even in the dampest conditions.

Washing Instructions: 

Machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry.