Clever Spring™️ Solar Fountain

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Clever Spring™️ Solar Fountain
Clever Spring™️ Solar Fountain
Clever Spring™️ Solar Fountain
Clever Spring™️ Solar Fountain
Clever Spring™️ Solar Fountain
Clever Spring™️ Solar Fountain
Clever Spring™️ Solar Fountain

Transform Your Garden Into Complete Tranquility With The Clever Spring™️- The Fountain That Brings Peace And Beauty To Your Garden

Are you looking for the right addition to make your garden feel complete? Or simply a way to compliment your gorgeous bird bath?

After years of constant study and rigorous research, we introduce to you the Clever Spring™️- A solar power fountain that adds elegance to your garden makes for the perfect bird bath and envious neighbors of how stunning your set up is.

Uniquely formulated with a solar-powered functionality that requires no batteries or complicated wiring at all.

Which means all you need is some solar energy and the Clever Spring™️ is up and running almost instantly.

Equipped with 4 different stream modes that pump water in various streams and height. Making it the perfect fountain to use in many different applications.

You can use it to compliment your garden. Use it for your birdbath, pool, in the pond, in your fish tank, or even in the backyard as a fun gadget for your kids to play with. Comes with various streams that can match any occasion.

Easy maintenance - so you never have to worry about it getting stuck. Just use some warm water and some mild non-abrasive soap and it's good as new. Saving you time and energy from buying some special fountain cleaner you don't have to pay your hard earned money for. 

What is truly amazing about the Clever Spring™️ is that you can use it in so many settings that wherever you place it, there's an instant vibe of peace and tranquility that it brings.

After you discover precisely why the Clever Spring is so popular, you'll find out what millions of customers have known for years.

Get yours today and transform your garden with the Clever Spring


Easy To Use & Maintain- Which means you can easily sustain the life of the Clever Spring without quickly replacing it. Just take some soap and warm water and you can easily clean the Clever Spring out in just 5 minutes.No complicated cleaning guide necessary.

Solar Powered- As long as there is sunlight, the Clever Spring™️ is up & running! Easily expose this to some sun and in just a few seconds you will get an everlasting flow of water streams without using any batteries or complicated wiring.

Beautiful Design- Makes it very eye catching yet blends in with your entire set up without looking too out of place. Stylish yet aesthetically pleasing design that compliments any garden quite well.

Multiple Applications- Makes it perfect to use in various situations such as using it in the pond, in your fish tank, next time you're in the pool with your loved ones, use it in your birdbath or even in your backyard. It's multiple stream modes reach various heights for various uses. Making the Clever Spring™️ perfect to use in any situation.

Our Sherpa

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Washing Instructions: 

Machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry.