CALMX - The Calming Dog Massager (50% OFF)

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CALMX - The Calming Dog Massager (50% OFF)
CALMX - The Calming Dog Massager (50% OFF)
CALMX - The Calming Dog Massager (50% OFF)
CALMX - The Calming Dog Massager (50% OFF)
CALMX - The Calming Dog Massager (50% OFF)
CALMX - The Calming Dog Massager (50% OFF)


If you are a pet parent, you would know that dogs, just like humans, love a good massage!

Did you know Over 23,000,000 dogs in the US suffer from anxiety?

Give your pup the relaxation it deserves, and take the daily stress away with a good massage by CALMX®, the Calming Dog Massager.

 IMPROVES CIRCULATION - The 3D design with 76 individual soft silicone massage nodes get deep into your pooch's coat and stimulates blood circulation and eases muscle pains. CALMX® also helps improve immune responses and increase range of motion.

This helps dogs who are less active, suffering from arthritis, or with declining range of motion.

EASE ANXIETY - The massage movements are designed to simulate relaxing massage techniques (slow and fast rotations clockwise and counter clockwise). This helps ease nervousness, anxiousness, and hyperactivity. Long soothing strokes under the chin and on the head are most effective!

QUIET HUM - CALMX®'s motor makes a low spinning hum (think water boiling in an electric kettle) so pups that are sensitive to loud noises are not bothered by the motor sound

SIMPLE CHARGING AND CLEANING - CALMX®'s simple design saves you money and time. Charge with USB to reuse, and wash the waterproof soft silicone massage heads for a quick and easy clean

And the best part is, pet parents can try it too! (We use CALMX® as a scalp massager at the Pooch and Baby office!)

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30-day satisfaction guarantee

We got it for a little grandma pom who's 10. She's got the best life now that we massage her. I think her muscle pains have subsided a lot because she seems more active than before. Love, love, love this
- Clara A

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