Bicep Blaster Pro

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Bicep Blaster Pro
Bicep Blaster Pro
Bicep Blaster Pro
Bicep Blaster Pro
Bicep Blaster Pro
Bicep Blaster Pro

Get Those Banging Biceps Today!!!

Want to get those killer biceps? This amazing bicep blaster allows you to get those strong and aesthetically pleasing biceps in no time. Having people ask you what's your workout secret.

Posture support technology that enables you to have that correct position to isolate and get those biceps contracting without hurting your back or any compensations with any other body parts.

Equipped with a buckle clip around the waist lining to reinforce maximum security and stabilization throughout each movement 

Easy to use and simple set up allows anyone from all skill levels to get killer biceps with ease. From the professionals all the way down to the beginner level. You can get the biceps you want with the Bicep Blaster


Beginner Friendly - Safe and easy to for anyone at any level especially at the beginner level. Posture correcting technology teaches you to properly isolate and get a better contraction from your biceps without developing any bad habits in the process

Unique Design - Constructed to help correct posture on those heavier bicep lifts while reducing the risk of injury. Built for anyone who is serious and committed to getting stronger and better-looking biceps. It's unisex design also allows not only males to get better biceps also females as well. 

Portable - Can take this thing anywhere and get those biceps pumping. Portable & Convenient design allows you to place anywhere without taking up a lot of space and lets you travel with ease.

Our Sherpa

Our Premium Sherpa is a high-performance fabric that is luxuriously warm, soft, and lightweight.

With a curly, slightly nubby texture and subtly flecked appearance, it has a plush sweater-knit backing.

Comparable in softness and insulating properties to natural fur, it has a high warmth-to-weight ratio. It wicks moisture from the body‚ÄĒmaking it warm even in the dampest conditions.

Washing Instructions: 

Machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry.